Reebok failed the NHL Draft hat

Reebok did a terrible job on the 2012 NHL Draft hat. Period.

And not because they put oversized logos on the lower left (or right depending on your hat perspective), although that is a terrible design. It’s because because they had the selfishness to put “reebok” on the front of a hat that was designed for a television show. Clearly we understand the brand recognition move, but I think hat fans and hockey fans alike will agree with me. This is an egregious faux pas for an NHL Draft that is getting the names on jerseys in real time.

What’s my point? New Era needed to win this contract. I know that reebok is loyal to hockey, so I get that. But New Era makes hats and not hockey sticks. I think they deserve to play in the official hockey space, and the NHL Draft hat is a place they belong.

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2012 NHL Awards

So, I didn’t watch last nights NHL Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, but I think that there isn’t too much to argue with.  Malkin showed the league that he is a superstar in his own right this year, leading the league in points with 109, and 50 goals.  Ken Hitchock was perfect for the Jack Adams, he really got that St. Louis team to overachieve the whole year.  I love Bergeron for the Selke, and some think it should have a gone to Datsyuk and if it did I wouldn’t argue with that, both guys really get below their own goal line consistently.

I’m not sure I agree with Lundquist over Quick for the Vezina.  King Henry had an oustanding year, but he did it on a first place team which I think takes alot of the pressure off.  Quick put up the same kind of unreal numbers on a team that spent most of the season fighting for a playoff spot, and at least stole them a few games that got them into that last playoff spot.  Overall a good night.

Looking forward to the NHL Draft this weekend!

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Who is the biggest loser of the 2011-2012 season? – Jack Johnson

Now that we are a couple of days removed from the hoopla of the LA Kings hoisting the Cup on home ice and players forgetting they are on nation TV while launching in to profanity laden incoherent speaches (–nhl.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter) I want to talk about the person who probably hurt the most watching the Kings win it all.

His name is Jack Johnson.  Johnson was a 3rd overall pick in 2005, and was aquired by the Kings a year later.  Johnson played a Shattuck St. Mary’s prep school and anchored a power play that boasted both Sidney Crosby and Drew Stafford.  They were no slouches, but as the archives show I did have a save percentage that weekend, so I must have stopped a few 🙂  He went on to the USA Olympic Development program, played a couple years at Michigan, and ended up representing the red white and blue in the 2010 Olympics.  Thats about as highly touted as it gets.  And he was all set to become a center piece of their defense as the Kings franchise was poised to break through.  That was until…Drew Doughty.

Doughty was the Kings pick in 2005, 2nd overall in the draft, and quickly came into his own.  He also had better offensive skills than Johnson, but together they provided potent offensive potential from the defensive core.  But Doughty made Johnson expendable at the February trade deadline despite being in the first year of a 7 year deal, when the Kings sent him and a first roudnd pick to Columbus for a Jeff Carter.  The Kings were in desparate need of scoring, and it was a good trade. 

But at the end of the day, Jack Johnson was a player that deserved to be on that team last week, hugging and crying over the best trophy in sports.  Tough break for a great player.  Hopefully he won’t waste away in Ohio.

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King Win Cup – first win for the franchise…and other stories

 The LA Kings won their first Stanley Cup in the team’s 45 years history.  A big congratulations to them, they were definitly not a fluky 8 seed that squeeked through.  They were the best team in the league throughout the whole playoffs.

I wish it had ended a bit differently for the Devils though.  Without the 3 goals on the Bernier penalty, thats a 1-1 game in the third.  I always believed the Kings would win in the end, but espeically for Marty, I had hoped it ended with any one of the other games played in this series than last night.

The usual cast of characters did a good broadcasting job.  I still am a bit tired of Mike Mulbury talking to the audience like he’s their father, and noticable absense from JR except for the opening interview.  Porn Star Taylor Stevens took her now famous spot with her boobs behind every shot of Devils coach Peter Deboer on the bench.  I hope she gets season tickets right there, cause that is a pretty funny hometown advantage.

Also, check out Puck Daddy for highlights of the Steve Bernier attack fest on Wikipedia during the game after his ejection.  Pretty funny.–nhl.html


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Game 6-here we go!

Tonight has a game seven feel. The tension is there. Look for a big battle from the top lines head to head. You gotta pick the kings until the lose game seven.

I used to watch Zach Parise in high school at the Shattuck/Culver games, and I hate going to intangibles, but he does know how to win a big game for sure.

Follow along at puck daddy in game live chat.

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Rick Jeanneret to join Hockey Hall of Fame

Check out this article on the Buffalo News for the hometown take on Friday’s Hockey Hall of Fame announcement.

The Hockey Hall of Fame announced yesterday that Buffalo Sabre’s longtime broadcaster Rick Jeanneret will be taking his formal place in hockey history.  This is a great day for the Sabre’s organization and the people of Western New York, who have been struggling with a “just not quite there yet” hockey team over the past few years.  RJ is well known in Buffalo, and this is no soft announcement for sports fans here.  This matters to people.

I am not a native of Buffalo, although I watch most games on MSG and RJ really is one of the best in the business.  It is difficult to talk constantly for an entire hockey game without breaks.  It is even more difficult to do it with the style, class, and consistency that RJ brings to the game every night.  He is one of our ambassadors for the game, and it will be something to see inside The Center, when this gets announced at the first home game of the 2012-2013 season.

Congratulations Rick! As my west coast friends would say…Keep on keepin’ on.


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This week’s Hockey Porn Highlights

It was a pretty good week for Hockey Porn.  Scope out some of the beauties.

Rob Scuderi on hockey night in canada during 2nd intermission: “They come so hard, even when we rim”

Pierre: “Where is it?”

Eddie: “High and hard”

Pierre: “Thank You!”

Sidney Crosby – “I’m just happy to be going hard”

Carter at Postgame – “I tried to hit Pens first backdoor…it popped out to me”

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