Devils/Rangers Game 4

It seems only fitting that to demonstrate the fact that my sight will be dedicated to hockey, and cool things and funny things, rather than its namesake, that I write my first real blog post during the New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Game 4.

As far as game commentary, I really only want to point out that the Devils are always at their best when they keep their feet moving and cycle the puck in the offensive zone. They just don’t match up well enough to bang bodies with NY in the corners, they need to get them running around to create shooting lanes like they did against Philly. Kovalchuck continues to baffle me. He is an amazing finisher, but if the Devils continue to play him up top on the power play he needs to be more responsible with the puck and complete some really elementary passes. He is more than capable.

As for why the Kings Will Win the Cup? A couple reasons. Firstly, during the past few weeks my Mom shared an old photo of me in 1993. Keep in mind, I am not, nor have I ever been a Kings fan. But in February of 1993, who wasn’t following Gretzky in L.A. He inspired a young fan base in the United States to fall in love with hockey. Case in point, see below:

Yes thats me sporting the Kings jersey, and my best friend, equally inexplicably wearing an Oakland A’s hat. I must investigate. (We grew up in Idaho.)

Secondly, that playoffs taught every young player what you could do with a wooden stick and an open flame. After Marty McSorley actually got busted with an illegal curve, every kid with access to fire was warping their blades into virtual lacrosse sticks and sending friends on button hook patterns down the street in roller blades.

Besides my personal connections to the Kings of the early ninetees, and the nostalgia of there recent return to relevence, is the most important, and most serious reason why they will win. They are simply the best team on the ice, right now.


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washed up prep school goalie trying to play forward in the beer leagues
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