If you don’t like hockey, don’t watch. If you don’t like it and don’t watch it…certainly don’t write about it

I have to say I am pretty dissapointed.  Yesterday, on the morning of game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, I read this headline on the Buffalo News when I woke up.  “NHL Playoff System Rewards Mediocrity”  produces outrages arguments that every team should play a home and home, eliminating the division/conference system, and that 82 games with 16 in the playoffs dilutes the product.  http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/columns/bob-dicesare/article886444.ece

I can only say this.  If you don’t like hockey, thats fine with me.  I happen to enjoy it among most things.  And if your going to be a sports writer, don’t blast a game simply because you having nothing else to write about (how, on the morning on game 3 of the finals, the Basketball playoffs, the olympics comming up, the Draft – an important one for the Sabres – you have nothing to write about I have no idea).  Admittedly I didn’t post yesterday.  But I’m a lazy blogger, not a professional sports writer.  It is the league’s job to put together a product and you can buy it or not.  It is not their job to make modifications until you are satisfied. 

Thankfully a dear friend came to rescue and provided me this.http://deadspin.com/5914617/how-the-kings-toughened-up-and-conquered-the-nhl

I tribute to a hard nosed style of hockey that the Kings have embodied that New Jersey will simply not be able to beat. LA is deep, talented, and have a goalie that is raising the bar for what it means to be a top tier goalie in the show.  No disrespect to Brodeur, who is playing great hockey, his team is just not good enough.  I guess I need to hold true to my prediction and say that NJ will steal a game here with their backs to the wall, but I’m questioning that after last nights sure win in LA. 

I am saddened that in a historical season of an 8 seed up 3 games to none in the finals, two American captains, and a major network television deal, all our Buffalo sports writers could muster up was an assault on a great game. 

Please let me watch game 4 in peace.


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