Does anyone else miss the first round of the playoffs?

So I’m riding the Route 14 to downtown this morning thinking about how tonight is potentially the final hockey game of the season, and I ended up reminiscing for a moment.

Boy, do I love the First Round of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Not that the rest of the playoffs aren’t great, it’s just that time of year where there is hockey on TV constantly. Multiple games on everynight. Follow your favorite matchup, local conference, or simply the time slot that fits your schedule regardless of geography or who is playing.

I remember by senior year in college, just a couple seasons removed from the NHL lockout, the playoffs started on my birthday. We watched the game at my apartment during my party and it followed us out to the bars, and helped us fall asleep after we got back. That 4OT game was epic. The game was on for over 6 hours, enough time to finish a term paper, turn 22, close down a bar, and hold a dizzy bat relay race, all to the backdrop of Vancouver(3) vs Dallas(6). Who knew Canucks vs Stars would be the glue that tied one of my more memorable nights together.

It was just the first game of round one of the playoffs that year, but it’s that first week and a half of the playoffs where you see what teams are made of, fall in love with that underdog, start growing that playoff beard, and if your team is in it, buy that bottle of Tums and discount card to the pizza place.

Got a good first round playoff story? Lets hear it! (Sorry to the few who’s story I may have already stolen.)


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washed up prep school goalie trying to play forward in the beer leagues
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