Henrique’s mustache to score game winning goal…and sing “We are the champions” at the postgame

Last nights game was great.  Exciting all the way through.  I love goals, but watching chance after chance is just a good for me. 

I thought the Clarkson call was bad, and I’m not going to take the high road and say that it’s okay for ref’s to call late game penalties as long as they have been consistent. I’m saying flat out, they should not call late game penalties (save a major violation, in which case fighting penalties will prbably match out)  In the third period in the SCF’s I think the ref’s need to put the whistles away, even if it means not being consistent.  Let the players decide a one goal game.

I’m pretty sure the Clarkson shaved his playoff beard, which leaves Dustin Penner left as the bushies bird’s nest, (sad to see a ginger beard go everytime) – but what everyone will be talking about today is the power of the stache, after Adam Henrique’s beatifully collected Clarkson’s cross ice pace, and beat quick high stick side with a sniper wrist shot.


Got a favorite Hockey mustache or beard?  Shoot me a name or a photo and I will compile a top 5 list. 


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