King Win Cup – first win for the franchise…and other stories

 The LA Kings won their first Stanley Cup in the team’s 45 years history.  A big congratulations to them, they were definitly not a fluky 8 seed that squeeked through.  They were the best team in the league throughout the whole playoffs.

I wish it had ended a bit differently for the Devils though.  Without the 3 goals on the Bernier penalty, thats a 1-1 game in the third.  I always believed the Kings would win in the end, but espeically for Marty, I had hoped it ended with any one of the other games played in this series than last night.

The usual cast of characters did a good broadcasting job.  I still am a bit tired of Mike Mulbury talking to the audience like he’s their father, and noticable absense from JR except for the opening interview.  Porn Star Taylor Stevens took her now famous spot with her boobs behind every shot of Devils coach Peter Deboer on the bench.  I hope she gets season tickets right there, cause that is a pretty funny hometown advantage.

Also, check out Puck Daddy for highlights of the Steve Bernier attack fest on Wikipedia during the game after his ejection.  Pretty funny.–nhl.html



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