2012 NHL Awards

So, I didn’t watch last nights NHL Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, but I think that there isn’t too much to argue with.  Malkin showed the league that he is a superstar in his own right this year, leading the league in points with 109, and 50 goals.  Ken Hitchock was perfect for the Jack Adams, he really got that St. Louis team to overachieve the whole year.  I love Bergeron for the Selke, and some think it should have a gone to Datsyuk and if it did I wouldn’t argue with that, both guys really get below their own goal line consistently.

I’m not sure I agree with Lundquist over Quick for the Vezina.  King Henry had an oustanding year, but he did it on a first place team which I think takes alot of the pressure off.  Quick put up the same kind of unreal numbers on a team that spent most of the season fighting for a playoff spot, and at least stole them a few games that got them into that last playoff spot.  Overall a good night.

Looking forward to the NHL Draft this weekend!


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One Response to 2012 NHL Awards

  1. Evan Sweeney says:

    Aside from the awards, which seemed mostly on point, the presentation of the NHL awards show is a borderline joke. Nickleback? Really? Forcing Pacy to tell lame jokes that he has to apologize for? It’s too bad that whole thing is an embarrassment, because they have the opportunity to make it cool. (Side note: Will Arnett making fun of Brendan Shannahan was absolutely hilarious.)

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