Reebok failed the NHL Draft hat

Reebok did a terrible job on the 2012 NHL Draft hat. Period.

And not because they put oversized logos on the lower left (or right depending on your hat perspective), although that is a terrible design. It’s because because they had the selfishness to put “reebok” on the front of a hat that was designed for a television show. Clearly we understand the brand recognition move, but I think hat fans and hockey fans alike will agree with me. This is an egregious faux pas for an NHL Draft that is getting the names on jerseys in real time.

What’s my point? New Era needed to win this contract. I know that reebok is loyal to hockey, so I get that. But New Era makes hats and not hockey sticks. I think they deserve to play in the official hockey space, and the NHL Draft hat is a place they belong.


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