Henrique’s mustache to score game winning goal…and sing “We are the champions” at the postgame

Last nights game was great.  Exciting all the way through.  I love goals, but watching chance after chance is just a good for me. 

I thought the Clarkson call was bad, and I’m not going to take the high road and say that it’s okay for ref’s to call late game penalties as long as they have been consistent. I’m saying flat out, they should not call late game penalties (save a major violation, in which case fighting penalties will prbably match out)  In the third period in the SCF’s I think the ref’s need to put the whistles away, even if it means not being consistent.  Let the players decide a one goal game.

I’m pretty sure the Clarkson shaved his playoff beard, which leaves Dustin Penner left as the bushies bird’s nest, (sad to see a ginger beard go everytime) – but what everyone will be talking about today is the power of the stache, after Adam Henrique’s beatifully collected Clarkson’s cross ice pace, and beat quick high stick side with a sniper wrist shot.


Got a favorite Hockey mustache or beard?  Shoot me a name or a photo and I will compile a top 5 list. 

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A Hat Trick Half Brace – Selfish or Awesome?

I just need to get this selfishness out of the way before settling in for Game 4.  My bounce back from injury continued strong last night with a 4 goal performance.  I would be humble about it, but I was a goalie for 15 years and never got to gloat about a line on the stat sheet like that one.  So, take eyes at the following.

Yup, thats right.  Yours truly, leading the way with 7 goals and 1 assist.  Yikes, should I pass more?  Good question.

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Does anyone else miss the first round of the playoffs?

So I’m riding the Route 14 to downtown this morning thinking about how tonight is potentially the final hockey game of the season, and I ended up reminiscing for a moment.

Boy, do I love the First Round of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Not that the rest of the playoffs aren’t great, it’s just that time of year where there is hockey on TV constantly. Multiple games on everynight. Follow your favorite matchup, local conference, or simply the time slot that fits your schedule regardless of geography or who is playing.

I remember by senior year in college, just a couple seasons removed from the NHL lockout, the playoffs started on my birthday. We watched the game at my apartment during my party and it followed us out to the bars, and helped us fall asleep after we got back. That 4OT game was epic. The game was on for over 6 hours, enough time to finish a term paper, turn 22, close down a bar, and hold a dizzy bat relay race, all to the backdrop of Vancouver(3) vs Dallas(6). Who knew Canucks vs Stars would be the glue that tied one of my more memorable nights together.

It was just the first game of round one of the playoffs that year, but it’s that first week and a half of the playoffs where you see what teams are made of, fall in love with that underdog, start growing that playoff beard, and if your team is in it, buy that bottle of Tums and discount card to the pizza place.

Got a good first round playoff story? Lets hear it! (Sorry to the few who’s story I may have already stolen.)

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If you don’t like hockey, don’t watch. If you don’t like it and don’t watch it…certainly don’t write about it

I have to say I am pretty dissapointed.  Yesterday, on the morning of game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, I read this headline on the Buffalo News when I woke up.  “NHL Playoff System Rewards Mediocrity”  produces outrages arguments that every team should play a home and home, eliminating the division/conference system, and that 82 games with 16 in the playoffs dilutes the product.  http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/columns/bob-dicesare/article886444.ece

I can only say this.  If you don’t like hockey, thats fine with me.  I happen to enjoy it among most things.  And if your going to be a sports writer, don’t blast a game simply because you having nothing else to write about (how, on the morning on game 3 of the finals, the Basketball playoffs, the olympics comming up, the Draft – an important one for the Sabres – you have nothing to write about I have no idea).  Admittedly I didn’t post yesterday.  But I’m a lazy blogger, not a professional sports writer.  It is the league’s job to put together a product and you can buy it or not.  It is not their job to make modifications until you are satisfied. 

Thankfully a dear friend came to rescue and provided me this.http://deadspin.com/5914617/how-the-kings-toughened-up-and-conquered-the-nhl

I tribute to a hard nosed style of hockey that the Kings have embodied that New Jersey will simply not be able to beat. LA is deep, talented, and have a goalie that is raising the bar for what it means to be a top tier goalie in the show.  No disrespect to Brodeur, who is playing great hockey, his team is just not good enough.  I guess I need to hold true to my prediction and say that NJ will steal a game here with their backs to the wall, but I’m questioning that after last nights sure win in LA. 

I am saddened that in a historical season of an 8 seed up 3 games to none in the finals, two American captains, and a major network television deal, all our Buffalo sports writers could muster up was an assault on a great game. 

Please let me watch game 4 in peace.

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Dustin Brown’s Mouth

I am getting pumped for Game 2 tonight.  Today’s reason why the Kings will win the cup, is Dustin Brown’s Mouth.  Take a look at this beauty.

It is true that the cup will go to an American this year, but is there anything more American that sticking your tongue out and flashing that gap!  The Devils will have a fighting chance if Zach Parise looses a few chicklits.   

Vote for tonights winner.

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Back from Injured Reserve

Tonights prediction is that the Kings will close out the series tonight.  Cyotes will put up a fight for sure.  I think an overtime game is likely, with the Kings prevailing in the end.  Look for Dustin Brown to have a big game.  I am afraid that either the Rangers or Devils won’t have enough in the tank after this bruiser of a series to put up a showing against either team in the west. 

In Pulse Health and Fitness pregame news, yours truly is coming off the IR for tonights beer league game, my first of the summer season after 6 weeks on the coach with a separated shoulder.  Go Pulsers.

PS – loving the throwback clips to 1993 that are flying around of Barry Melrose’s mullet.

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Devils/Rangers Game 4

It seems only fitting that to demonstrate the fact that my sight will be dedicated to hockey, and cool things and funny things, rather than its namesake, that I write my first real blog post during the New York Rangers vs New Jersey Devils Game 4.

As far as game commentary, I really only want to point out that the Devils are always at their best when they keep their feet moving and cycle the puck in the offensive zone. They just don’t match up well enough to bang bodies with NY in the corners, they need to get them running around to create shooting lanes like they did against Philly. Kovalchuck continues to baffle me. He is an amazing finisher, but if the Devils continue to play him up top on the power play he needs to be more responsible with the puck and complete some really elementary passes. He is more than capable.

As for why the Kings Will Win the Cup? A couple reasons. Firstly, during the past few weeks my Mom shared an old photo of me in 1993. Keep in mind, I am not, nor have I ever been a Kings fan. But in February of 1993, who wasn’t following Gretzky in L.A. He inspired a young fan base in the United States to fall in love with hockey. Case in point, see below:

Yes thats me sporting the Kings jersey, and my best friend, equally inexplicably wearing an Oakland A’s hat. I must investigate. (We grew up in Idaho.)

Secondly, that playoffs taught every young player what you could do with a wooden stick and an open flame. After Marty McSorley actually got busted with an illegal curve, every kid with access to fire was warping their blades into virtual lacrosse sticks and sending friends on button hook patterns down the street in roller blades.

Besides my personal connections to the Kings of the early ninetees, and the nostalgia of there recent return to relevence, is the most important, and most serious reason why they will win. They are simply the best team on the ice, right now.

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